Open Records Requests

Requesting Information/Data, Please Follow the Below-Mentioned Procedures
1. Submit a written request by mail, fax, email, in person, or online
2. Include enough description and detail about the requested information to enable us to identify and locate the items requested. (ie. Owner's name, physical address, legal description, copy of maps)
3. If the information requested is readily available, you may review it promptly. If research is involved and it cannot be produced within 10 working days, you will be notified of the date and time when it will be available.
4. Fees are applicable. Fees are explained on the open records form. You will be notified if the estimated charges exceed $40.00 before finalizing the request.
5. All efforts will be made to keep the cost to a minimum.
6. Thank you for cooperating with this office in our attempts to comply with the Public Information Act of Texas and for providing prompt and efficient services to the general public.
Submit Requests by:
Webb County Appraisal District
3302 Clark Boulevard
Laredo, Tx-78043




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To download the open records request form, CLICK HERE
Costs are as follows:
Letter/Legal size print-out/copy (Black & White) $.10 each page
Letter/Legal size print-out/copy (Color) $.50 each page
Digitized County Maps $15.00 per section
**NOTE: For copies more than 50 pages, total cost will include cost of number of copies, labor charge, overhead charge, document retrieval charge (if applicable) and actual cost of miscellaneous supplies.

Other Charges:

Programming Time $28.50 an hour
CD of ARB Hearings $1.00 plus personnel time
Data Compilation and Reproduction $15.00 per hour + 20% overhead labor charges
For costs related to MAPS and Other GIS Services Please CLICK HERE


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