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2018 Collection Appraisal Phase (Released October, 26, 2018)  
Webb County Appraisal District Announces New Website  
Appraisal District Opens Customer Service Booth at Mall De Norte on April 28, 2018 (10:00am to 3:00pm)  
2018 Notice of Appraised Value Mailed Avisos De Valoración Para El Año Fiscal 2018 Han Sido Envidos
Webb County Appraisal District 2017 Property Value Study Results (Released February 14, 2018)
2018 Business Personal Property Rendition Forms Mailed out (Released February 05, 2018) Formas Para Declarar Propiedad Personal De Negocio 2018 Han Sido Enviadas Por Correo (Released February 05, 2018)
Property Owners May Find Relief By Deferring Property Tax Payments (Released January 26, 2018)
Homeowners May Find Relief by Deferring Property Tax Payments (Released January 22, 2018)
Attention Taxpayers: The Deadline to Pay your 2017 Property Taxes is Drawing Near (Released Friday, January 19, 2018)
Webb CAD Encourages Property Owners to Take Advantage of January 1st (Released Friday, January 12, 2018)


2017 Collection Appraisal Phase (Released Friday, Oct 06, 2017))
2017 Appraisal Proest Deadline is June 1st, 2017 (Released May 30, 2017)) El Plazo Para Presentar Su Protesta Se Acerca Rapido (Released May 30, 2017))
Exercise Your Right To Protest (Released May 15, 2017)
WEBBCAD Opens Saturday (Released May 10, 2017)
Webb County Appraisal District Warns Property Owners (Released May 04, 2017) Webb CAD Advierte A Los Propietarios De Las Solicitudes Por Correo
Webb County Opens Customer Service Center At Mall De Norte)
Residential Appraisal Notices Mailed for Year 2017 (Released April 12, 2017)) Avisos De Valoración Residenciales Para El Año 2017 Seran Envidados Por Correo
WEBBCAD welcomes new Board Member (Released: Thursday, March 21, 2017)
Disabled Veterans May Qualify to Have Some or All of Their Taxes Waived (Released Friday, February 17, 2017)
2017 Business Personal Property Rendition Mailed (Released: February 01, 2017) Formas Para Reportar Propiedad Personal De Negocio 2017 Han Sido Envidas Por Correo (Miércoles, 1ero de febrero, 2017)
Elderly Homeowners May Find Relief by Deferring Property Tax Payments (Released January 27, 2017) Propietarios De Mayor Edad Pueden Encontrar Alivio Aplazando Los Pagos De Impuestos De Su Propiedad
Attention Taxpayers: The Deadline to Pay your 2016 Property Taxes is Drawing Near (Released Tuesday, January 19, 2017)
Payment Options for Property Taxes on Appreciating Home Values
Webb CAD Encourages Property Owners to Take Advantage of January 1st (Released Monday, January 13, 2017)


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