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Webb County Appraisal District (WCAD) is an independent local government entity. It is governed by a board of five directors, who are appointed to two year terms by the taxing entities it serves. The Board appoints a Chief Appraiser, who has the authority to administer District actions. In particular, the Chief Appraiser has the authority and responsibility to hire, terminate, compensate and supervise the Appraisal District staff. The Chief Appraiser is the approving authority for all the District’s employees, for all pay roll and for any changes under the provisions of these policies, the classifications and pay plans, and the approved annual budget.The Webb County Appraisal District encompasses the same territory as Webb County. The District is responsible for discovering, listing, and appraising every item of taxable property within that territory. Currently, the District maintains an appraisal roll listing taxable property and is the state’s sixth largest county. Every year, the District’s property and its value, called the appraisal roll, is given to each local government (taxing unit) within its territory that levies property taxes. Examples of such local governments are Webb County, several cities, independent school districts, junior college district, and special purpose entities. The law requires that WCAD appraise property in relation to its January 1 market value, and that its appraisal be equal and uniform. When all the taxable property is properly appraised on the market value standard, the burden of taxation is fairly allocated among property owners.



Our Purpose

The purpose of the Webb County Appraisal District is to ensure that all taxable property is on the appraisal roll; to appraise property fairly, equally and impartially; to assist and encourage property owners to apply for exemptions and benefits they may qualify for; to provide appraisal information, services and an open line of communication for the taxing jurisdictions and the general public; and to educate the public on property owners’ rights, remedies and responsibilities.




Our Mission

The primary mission of the Webb County Appraisal District is to provide the best possible customer service through teamwork, a positive attitude, a well educated and informative staff and through an accountable system which uses technology, positive communication and a helpful manner in order to ensure the taxing jurisdictions, property owners and the public a smooth transition and experience.




Our Vision

The vision of the Webb County Appraisal District is to ensure that the property owners, taxing jurisdictions, and the public are informed of the appraisal process, are treated fairly and achieve customer satisfaction, so that they may leave satisfied and with a positive impression of the Appraisal District and its staff, so that the District’s staff gains self-satisfaction for a job well done.



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