|| WCAD Sales Analyst Department ||
The Sales Analyst department is responsible to gather, screen, verify, analyze and interpret data, and determine recommendations for necessary value adjustments. Analysts’ responsibilities also include maintaining appraisal level and uniformity of the District’s appraised values. Additionally, sales analysts maintain all appraisal schedules (models) with regards to land and improvements. Furthermore this department presents testimony on behalf of the District at ARB hearings, assists District’s counsel in appeal cases under litigation and prepares arbitration cases.
|| WCAD Sales Analyst Staff  ||
|| Employee Name ||
|| Designation ||
Ismael Ramirez
Sales Analyst Supervisor
Cesar Navarro
Sales Analyst
Jorge O. Esparza
Sales Analyst
Alfredo Esquivel
Sales Analyst
Jose Vedia
Commercial Property Appraiser
Joshua Zamarripa
Commercial Property Appraiser
Rocio Esparza
Commercial Property Appraiser
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