The level of assistance and courtesy granted to those who patronize the organization. Customer Service includes, but is not limited to the assistance of all property owners on Appraisal District issues and who qualify for an exemption and benefits, to provide accurate appraisal information, to address property owner’s request and to educate the public in property owner’s rights, remedies and responsibilities through a positive attitude, professionalism, courtesy, good moral conduct, appropriate communication and in a helpful manner in order to ensure the property owner a positive experience and a smooth transition. Customer Services shall ensure that all property owners are treated fairly and with the best enthusiasm so that they may leave with a good impression of the Appraisal District and our staff member
It has come to our attention that private, for-profit companies have solicited property owners in this area to file for homestead exemptions on their behalf for a fee. Webb County Appraisal District does not charge a property owner to file for an exemption. Any property owner may check to see if they have a homestead exemption on their property or request an exemption application form. This can be done by phone (956)718-4091 or in person at our office at 3302 Clark Boulevard in Laredo.
The minerals and Industrial property Appraisal services are available through Wardlaw Appraisal Group L.C. from San Antonio, Texas. To obtain their contact information, please CLICK HERE
Different taxing entities within Webb County grants various exemptions to property owners to reduce their taxable values, and property taxes . To know about all the exemptions offerred by different taxing entities please CLICK HERE
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